Zack Holland is an American social entrepreneur, marketing executive, and author based in New York City.

Zack is a Co-Founder and currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of cloudten, a direct-to-consumer bedding brand, and as the CEO of the Holland Digital Group, a group of marketing agencies designed to serve individual industries adeptly.

He dove into the wild world of entrepreneurship at a young age, completing the successful sale of a web-based neighborhood directory subscription service at the age of seventeen.

After attending the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, he excelled as a marketing manager for WME | IMG, the nation's most influential entertainment corporation. After working with direct clients such as Starbucks, Tesla, Mattel and The NFL, Zack departed to start several companies which functioned as beautifully failed learning experiments. He also served as the Director of Business Development for a mid-size marketing agency, where he oversaw the creation of digital marketing and lead generation systems that directly resulted in company growth of 3x in less than ten months.

In early 2015, Zack started up a small marketing shop of his own in Ventura, CA. Tired of the routine prevalence of BS in the marketplace, Holland Digital Marketing was started to provide cutting edge marketing services that were transparent, authentic, and relied on data to consistently prove ROI.

After discovering a previously untouched niche in the market, the garage agency grew to twenty-eight clients in a period of only three months.

Since then, Holland Digital has expanded to become a multi-dimensional group of creative companies, focused on delivering unique products and marketing services to the modern marketplace, while remaining true to Zack's principals of authenticity, proven ROI, giving back, and creative content that breaks the noise.

You can connect with Zack on LinkedIn here, email him anytime at zack@hollanddigitalgroup.com, or learn more about him at www.zack-holland.com.